02 October 2011

The Songbird on my Shoulder by Saaz Aggarwal

The Songbird on my Shoulder by Saaz Aggarwal
black-and-white fountain has been silent for a few weeks, having been working on producing a book of its own.
The Songbird on my Shoulder is a collection of short pieces, most of which have been in print before in mainstream Indian publications. Put together, they form a worldview – and in particular views of Mumbai and Pune – from the perspective of an upper-middle class woman in India. Aiming to be funny, poignant, and thought provoking, this unorthodox mid-life autobiography has a revealing section towards the end in the simulated voices of characters such as Bridget Jones, Bill Bryson and Dave Barry.
For a preview, click here.
This book has blurbs from some remarkably important people – in a transparent attempt to prove to readers and critics that it aims to fall into the ‘takin-the-piss’ genre rather than the more popular ‘wannabe’ one.
The Songbird on my Shoulder will be launched in Pune on 8 October and available in bookstores and online shortly thereafter.

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  1. excellent, saaz! i remember asking you a couple of years ago about your own book and here i find my answer. i really look fwd to reading it, especially after the preview :-) please keep aside a copy for me, in case it is a sold-out (highly likely to be so!). i am due for a visit in dec. good luck! -paula X