02 June 2012

The Accused by John Grisham

The admirer
For a blog that claims to be about south Asian books, it seems to me John Grisham is sadly over-represented. Still, it must be said that Theodore Boone is back, even more likable than before if such a thing is possible, and in this book it is he who is the hunted. Who is after cute little Theo? This time it’s his slightly-dodgy though always loyal and loving uncle Ike who spots the gap and gives direction to the chase.

This children’s book (‘Not since Nancy Drew has a nosy, crime-obsessed kid been so hard to resist’ – New York Times) is great fun and what’s particularly good about it is that it uses the law as backdrop to subtly showcase the often blurry distinction between right and wrong.What I didn't care for is that delusional ways of thinking are presented as normal - but with no caveat that normative and normal are not always the same.