27 December 2010

Sahyadri Adventure by Deepak Dalal

Excellent children’s books based in India
I’ve been a great fan of Deepak Dalal ever since I read his first book about fifteen years ago.
Deepak writes books for children in the age range ten to fifteen years and that was the interval my children were in when I first came across Lakshwadeep Adventure.
Over the years, we got to know his characters, Vikram, Aditya and Chitra as they raced through their school holidays – much as the dear old Enid Blyton characters did – experiencing one adventure after the other.
Deepak’s books are well written and he has a knack for keeping you on the edge of your seat. Just when you think the trouble has subsided – all of a sudden something happens again. It’s like a sine curve of excitement – irresistible to a young reader.
These books are also set in interesting and remote parts of India and Deepak himself being a trekker and wildlife enthusiast works the rugged environment and ecology factor in very well. So we have been with Vikram and the gang – all agog most of the time – not just in Lakshwadeep but also Ranthambore, Ladakh and the Andamans.

This new set of two books, Koleshwar’s Secret and Anirudh’s Dream, is set in Bombay, Pune, Mahableshwar and the areas around them.

What I liked most about them was that Deepak has used a device to take us into a Bombay that none of us who love the city know – one that existed so many years ago that the Fort that was a central landmark has vanished without a single trace - except for the large area in the city that still goes by the name "Fort".
Sahyadri adventure has high-quality historical detail, including legendary characters from the time. These two books would win my vote for the best reads of the year.

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  1. Awesome, Awesome ... I love Mr. Dalal's Books. For those who may not know it, there are four of his books currently available - 1) Sahyadri Adventure - Koleshwar's Secret, 2) Sahyadri Adventure - Anirudh's Dream, 3) Ranthambore Adventure, 4) The Snow Leopard Adventure and the other four books are under reprint and will be shortly available - 1) Lakshadweep Adventure, 2) Ladakh Adventure, 3) Andaman Adventure 1 - The Jarawa, 4) Andaman Adventure 2 - Barren Idland.
    Absolutely Must Haves for anyone who likes adventure stories.