24 September 2009

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

A day I don’t regret
So – the book reads exactly like his previous ones.
Well, we already knew it was part of a SERIES, didn’t we!
So – his language is careless and clichéd.
Well, sack the editor!
Doubleday (doubtless dizzy with delight) reports that more than two million copies of this book sold in the United States, Canada and Britain in its first week, making it the fastest selling adult novel in history. 55,000 copies sold in the first week in India alone, not bad for a book priced at Rs. 699!
The book launched on Tuesday last week. I took the day off work (where they're quite oblivious of this little secret life of mine; don't breathe a word, will you), stayed in bed all day Wednesday reading it, and wrote Predictable but Gripping for Sunday Mid-day. A day I don’t regret!


  1. Dan Brown can afford careless language and poor editing, but what do lesser, newer writers do when they get sloppy editors? It leaves the writers grieving over the lack of support from the revisers that they so depended on for that all important tinkering and finishing touch. Makes one wonder if it is sheer apathy or genuine lack of skill that accounts for such mediocre show by book editors.

  2. Good point ... I actually think it's both apathy and lack of skill. High-quality editing needs a level of competence and commitment that is not easy to come by.