19 July 2009

Slumgirl Dreaming by Rubina Ali

The Star who Plays in the Gutter
There’s a rickshaw stand near where I live, and one of the guys, Sanjay, very sportingly posed for me reading this book. Unfortunately, the photo of Rubina playing in dirty water with her friends and a few other Oscar-winning ones were going to look better, and I’m going to have to step out and apologize to Sanjay that he’s not in the paper today.
Poor Rubina Ali – not only is she one talented Oscar-winning actress who would live in a slum if it hadn’t been knocked down, leaving her homeless, she’s been cheated of her due fees, lost her privacy, and now the book that tells her fascinating story has been badly written and produced in a slipshod, hurried way. Get a copy – they say she’s going to get part of the royalties though they didn’t specify what percentage – but don’t expect much.

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